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NBA2K17 Player Ratings News Update: Three Player Ratings Progress

At announced by manager Ronnie 2K, in the new game, players are likely curious about their standing, he also reveal that overall season is in full swing for NBA2K17, nowadays, any player can access to send him a message to get their player rating published on his twitter account. Untill now, over 40 players have sent in their requests.

More NBA2K17 Player Ratings Will Be Published Expected Soon

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Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond was the first to get his new rating published online. The 23 year-old, who is entering his fifth year in the league, saw his rating jump to 87 this year. He was rated at 83 during 2k16's launch this time last year

To see a full list of all the new ratings, you can check out this database on the NBA2k subreddit. Aside from Drummond, only 3 other players’s ratings are known ao far. This year’s cover star, paul George, hit the 90 overall mark this year, a four-point jump from his rating in 2k16.


His cover-co-star Kobe Bryant, who is the face of this year’s special “legends edition”,has a 99 overall ratings. Rounding out the list of known ratings is his Airness himself, Michael Jordan, who gets a 99 as well.

Other players who have reached out to Ronnie2K include reigning rookie of the year Karl-Anthony Towns, Miami Heat Big Hassan Whiteside, and New York Knicks forward Kristaps Porzingis. Expect their ratings to be published in the near future. If you’re favorite ite baller has yet to make a request, you can try and urge them by commenting on their various social media accounts.


More players new rating update will publish, we also anticipated that more NBA players start reaching out. NBA 2k17 news and updates, stay tuned to the U4NBA.

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