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NBA2K17 Made improvements: stop to use Kinect and PS Camera

The NBA2K17 moblie companion has a remarkable features, which is allow players to scan their faces, in order to they can have their likenesses in the full game. in this regard, it is totally different from NBA2K16 and make a great improvement, let’s compare previous edition games, users needed to have access to either the Kinect or the PlayStation Camera.

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Game Informer is reporting 2K Sports has confirmed the company removed the ability to use those devices for face scanning, leaving the Kinect and PS Camera even less relevant in the current generations of consoles. This change in policy likely means more people will be able to have their faces inside the game when it launches this fall since the number of people who own the PS Camera or Kinect are dwindling rapidly.

In addition to the ability to scan your face using the mobile app, the mobile NBA 2K17 application will allow users to win VC points daily. You can also peruse different items to purchase for the created player you’ve attached your face to through the application. The application also has a MyTeam Mobile collectible card game, as well as the ability to buy and sell MyTeam cards via the app’s auction house.


September 8, the NBA2K17 mobile application will be launched officially, additionally,September 20, NBA2K17 games will be released on related games platforms such as Xbox One and PS4, PS3, Xbox360. More NBA2K17 news update from time to time, please stay tuned U4NBA.COM.

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