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NBA 2K17 More New Feature: Mobile Face Scanning Feature

As NBA 2K17 release date nears, the features from the popular NBA-based game has been growing by the day, in previous posts, almost were already covered. It’s worth mention to that its tied up to the story mode.

What’s more, NBA 2K17 legendary edition cover is Kobe Bryant, it’s probably to put much emphasis on “Black Mamba’s” NBA tenure.

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In addition to this point, then, players ratings were made public, such as Karl-Anthony Towns (Minnesota Timberwolves), D’Angelo Russell (Los Angeles Lakers) and Joel Embiid (Philadelphia 76ers) were included.


Mobile Face Scanning Feature

2K Sports has promised improved face-scanning technology which will likely be available via its MyNBA2K17 app. The app is reportedly set to come out on September 8. More NBA 2K17 News will be update in time, please stay tuned U4NBA.COM.


NBA 2K17 gamers will likely want to know how they can place their faces in the game. The years have seen improvements in face-scanning and it looks like that feature will be integrated with mobile apps.

The app will be free for both IOS and Android-based devices and will reportedly be different from how it was done via the PS Camera or the Xbox Kinect. With the mobile app, face scanning should be done easier though players may want to use high-resolution cameras via mobile phones or tablets.


Other features

Aside from the mobile app face-scanning technology, there are a couple of other things to watch out for. That includes the Auction house which will allow players to buy and sell items in the game, earning virtual currency daily and the flexibility when it comes to making console items at the MyPlayer Store even while on the go.


Official news reported: NBA 2K17 soon to be released on september 20, released games platforms such as PS2, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox360 and the PC. If you buy NBA2K MT, you can get it four days early on the 16th.

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