NBA 2K17 officially release date is more and more closer, specific date is likely less than a month, during a month, both fans and players still anxiously awaiting in order to see the player ratings and the upcoming year.

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Luckily for fans, Los Angeles Lakers point guard D’Angelo Russell wasted no time in revealing his overall rating.

While it is unclear whether or not Russell is ok with the slight bump, having the opportunity to play as yourself is always a dream come true for any athlete. Fortunately, the creators of the game put much more emphasis on Russell’s in-game antics such as his signature ‘Ice In My Veins’ celebration.


It seems Russell’s improvement from last season wasn’t enough to spur a bigger jump from his 77 overall rating in last year’s game. The former second overall pick in last year’s NBA Draft turned heads in Las Vegas during the Summer League, as well as participating on the USA Select Team.

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